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2023 will mark 20 years in the adult entertainment industry. It is with love and lust  I thank all my fans and friends. I am currently booking the last few months in performing. I look forward to saying goodbye to long time friends. I also emplore you if meeting me is a bucket list. This is the time. I will be in full retirement in  . Jun/July 2023

Let me try to clarify to so many new gents.

I have a mandatory deposit policy. Not only is ads very costly. Hotels and travel costs as well are not cheap. 

In 2003 when I began entertaining  the bookings were in high demand. If I toured and I had cancellations and flakes. I could easily book more gents. The industry has changed drastically.  I do not wish to travel and pray you do not no show or cancel and not compensate my time and travel. I also hope that with a deposit it somewhat aides in my safety. You are less likely to be a guy to try and do me physical,legal harm. I understand many women in the entertainment have robbed men. I can guarantee .I have encountered physical altercations to cost me doctor and dental bills. Men who try to scam handing paper in envelopes and other crazy dine and dash kinda scams.  It is why after 20 years. I am more selective in my process . I will say it is also one of many reasons I am calling it quits in 2023. I have never used a booking agent or assistant. You speak with me when booking.  I love and adore all the generous and sweet and sexy gents and couples I have met. If you seek quality over the lowest rate no deposit kind of experience. I have more to lose then deposit money. 

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