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Booking as easy as 1-2-3

How to simplify the booking process for those who may have never booked with me.

1.)Please take note of rate,cancellation policy  and deposit policy before contacting me.

2.)Please fill out the contact form with name,phone and email. Please note the city you are from location you wish to meet me. Provide your job,social media such as linkedin ig ect.. or provider references in notes. This is the safety screening I require.

3.) I will then email you in regards to how to send deposit. This is venmo,cashapp or a zelle transfer. I do not accept Amazon gift cards. I am not new to this . Gift cards are used in scams . Once I recieve the deposit . We are confirmed. Only after all of this will you be provided a phone number.

My safety and welfare is the priority.

The second but not the least important focus is privacy and discretion.

I promise to not share or exchange anyone's information or details. I ask the same in return. That means I do not permit reviews or you sharing my information without my consent. Including other porn stars or companions.

I am reference friendly. I do not share my number with anyone I have never met,including other providers.If we meet and you wish to use me as a reference. I wish to be notified so I can promptly respond to her . I only respond to emails in regards to verification. DO NOT EVER PROVIDE MY PHONE NUMBER TO ANYONE IF YOU HAVE IT.

Let me stress this point. I am an entertainer. I receive plenty of emails so I limit emails to a minimum due to the flakes who just wish to speak with a porn star. I am truly sorry if this offends you. I can't book flakes dangerous or creepy guys ever.......
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