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2023 Marks 20 Years in Adult Industry & I am announcing Feb./March Retirement

I want to first take this opportunity to acknowledge ally mentors. I have been blessed in my career to have had afflicted with so many from the Golden Era of porn.

You most likely have seen me along side some of the most amazing talents

I'm greatly appreciated the loyal and kind fans I have met o communicated with over nearly 20 years.

It all began in Los Angeles in 2003. I have started with custom videos in the muscle fetishrs and trampling. I began to tour and by 2004 gent magazines as well as appearing in cat house.

I could not forget Dennis Hoff. His business guidance helped me build a brand.

I know many may have different opinions

of the hedgehog himself.

I to the contrary. I have nothing but positive experiences with Ronny Jeremy.

I had shot his infamous photos he used in his magazines.

I could not count the beautiful friendships I have made around the globe. I appreciate each and everyone. I have broke bread,shared champagne and traveled with the most interesting individuals.

As much as I will cherish each and everyone.

All the positive experiences. I would be not 100% truthful if I didn't touch on the negative.

In all three years there have been some bad experiences. The world still has horrible souls who only want to rob you of your peace. I have too many experiences

that at times put me in physical harms way.

I can say more happy then sad.

But all good things come to an end.

My family have also paid the price of stalkers and tolerating my lifestyle.

After the amount of time living far away from grand babies. My family has made a request. I think it's only fair to them to now give them the same energy . I have given you lovely people.

I am still undecided how I will coordinate the next few months.

I will hope to meet many of you before February possible March.

Last customs,Skype and such in Feb. Unless my move west is delayed.

This is all new and evolving

My blog on my site will keep you up to date.

With luv and lost




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