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2024 Is Here!!!

I am so happy to share with you the fantastic news.

I chose to have gastric sleeve surgery after the menopausal weight gain. The struggle is real deal. I tried every cutting diet I have ever used or gave to clients . I am a personal trainer and retired bodybuilder.

I swear the look on my face when my primary physician recommended me to a bariatric doctor. I then recalled my old track coach. I humbled myself and surrendered.

The process took me a little over the year to complete all the required details.

I had to do 6 months of a nutritional council as well as all the insurance requirements .

I know I told you I would retire in 2023. I decided to extend it into 2024. I had not only had a surgery in 2022 that took me out of commission for over 4 months.

I had a eye surgery in August as well. I could not lift or do any strenuous activities for a few weeks. Then of course the sleeve.

I can honestly say in the past few years with all the different medical procedures. I had not did any go fund me . I did not raise my rates. I did go through alot of my savings though.

I have always tried to keep my rates within a reasonable budget . I can say most porn stars in my genre and even the average companion. My rates had remained the same and not raised them in the past 6 years or more.

I now find it difficult to travel without increasing a little. My fellow porn stars in my calibur begin at 1200 an hour or more. I am trying to keep it reasonable. I do need to stress it though. The risks involved both legally,physically and safety must still play in the rates.

I just want to share with you the costs to me that many have no idea what behind the scenes costs you fellas do not think of.

This site cost me monthly to host.

The domain name cost me annually

The ads to take out in every city I plan on going to.

Travel weather plane,train or auto


food while on the road is much higher then home cooked meals

hotel incidentals some times holds money up to 30 days on my cards.

Hair,makeup,lingerie,nails,chiropractor and health insurance

ride share,taxis, metro trains

and that's just for this portion of my business. I also have my websites and domains and such.

I am still going to offer deals to you fellas. But I can't keep the lower rates and make it worth leaving my home at the old rates.

For those of you whom has never met me. You know I am not a clock watcher. But...

I am also not going to be used and taken advantage of.

Unfortunately there are so many who abuse or try to harm us in this industry.

I have had my fair share.

The deposit is a requirement . I can not travel ,take a hotel for gents to then no show or cancel last minute. It is not like the old days with fewer ads to run. I can not fill a spot last minute like before.

I am fair with deposit. If you cancel before I book travel you may rebook again without a new deposit. If you cancel or try to book no show and try to refund a deposit . You will be blocked.

In the instance of card reversal on cashapps and venmos you will be black listed

21 years I am lucky to count on my hands those reversal guys.... Yes fellas those douchebags are the ones who ruined the good faith rules for everyone.

I am fair but I am not a sucka......

Dennis Hoff once said to me fantasy and reality meet at the wallet.

Sooooo true. And my reality is. If I want to still see the many fans before I retire. I have to be able to afford to even travel ....

I have not increased the rates for longer dates. I have also added a few new public dates .

I added more payment options to send deposits.

If you have any questions my chat on my booking site is for those questions . The chat box is not for random text and chats that begin with HI.

You can purchase text,phone or cam direct on the booking page.

Cheers to 2024 and yes BTW My current photos and weight is dropping quickly so bve sure to follow me on IG as I am posting daily

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