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2024 The Final Ride!!

Many of you are well aware my retirement was going to occur in 2023.

I did have an eye surgery and I also had another surgury in October.

I can't tell you how many requests to visit poured in while trying to recovery from both surgeries.

I had extended my travel dates into 2024 with the fact I spent half of 2023 recovering.

I want to put it out here for you all. I normally do not tour any longer due to the change in advertising as well as increase in the flakes and game players.


There is always a but. Right?

I am currently in Virginia for the holidays on a limited time schedule due to personal commitments. But I am available for Virginia area on Saturdays and evenings until January 2,2024

I have a few deposits from New York so I will be planning dates for NYC in January.

With that said .

I am putting together a potential tour since I will be trying to fit as many long time friends and fans into my last year.

Deposits are still a must. I can't tell you in 21 years I can count on my hands the recent games with payments. I understand some of you have been burned. But take in the account that I do this EVERYDAY. I get and have got burned more times in 21 years . If I were any other type of buisness I would have been out of business the first year.

I have travelled to be no showed. I have been given false names numbers google numbers. So Deposits not only keep me from taking a hotel and my travel costs. It also aids in my physical protectionl.

Screening the women you meet as well. I must say My $250 deposit sometimes doe not cover my hotel and the hotel deposit for incidentals. I have eaten hotel cost even recently as a chargeback.

There are those type of people in this world. Unfortunate.

Let me say if a lady asks for only a $50 deposit you should already be red flag alert. I can't imagine what $50 is going to cover. But... with that said 100 guys sending $50 to a gal is pretty good money for doing nothing.

I have a 21 plus years in adult entertainment and companionship world wide. My gents range from your average guy to top names in entertainment.

I do not share information about any of them unless they have robbed me. I do blacklist the bad guys who have either hit me or robbed me.

So I am fair to all mature men with only intent is to meet have funnshare laughs and good times and conversation.

If you are interested in meeting me anywhere in the World.

2024 is the last chance to do so.

I am going to put up cities I am going to try to book with deposits to secure a actual tour. If no deposits come in for those cities I will remove them off the schedule.

I will not be able to handle the if you get to my city hit me up. My eamils are filled with so many various requests for merch,customs and meets. I can not email everyone from a particular city if I gt to town.

On this website you can request a date pay deposit and send me a message and we will find a day time and location to meet.

I am still offering the 3 hour $900 ddate into 2024 and I will also offer a few other discounts on longer dates and casino/dinner dates as well.

Let's make my last year as memorable as my first year.

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