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Back to the slimmer Summer

Many of you who have followed me know. I had hip replacement in 2019. I had a surgery to repair damage done on a set with amature shoot in 2022. I then had eye surgery in 2023. I then had the big one again in October 2023.

I had been a bodybuilder since I was 12. The one hurdle I could not over come. The dreaded menopause. The gut issues,the weight gain.

I balked at my Dr.s suggestion of seeing a barriatric Doctor.

I am so happy I tucked my ego and pride in my pocket.

It is now 19 weeks after surgery and I am 25 pounds from my goal . I came into porn and escorting in 2003 at 135 lbs.

I will hit that again most likely around May .

My gut issues are gone. My health is back. I thought I would never feel this good again.

I am no longer eating meds everyday.

Now how this has changed matters of retirement? I extended retirement date due to the 2 surgeries. I can't stress enough. I am self employed. I can't collect disability every time I go out.

I barely made it to recovery from hip replacement when covid hit. I like everyone else struggled. I then moved to Southern Virginia and began the process of the other surgeries. Each taking a bit to recover from.

Most of my income comes from my meet and greets.

I will need to attempt to rebuild my savings before I retire.

I have extended retirement until the end of 2024 due to that goal.

Booking requires deposits. Unfortunate I even have had guys book send deposit and then I book hotel through hotwire. Then he no show me and I got stuck with a hotel on Thanksgiving eve. The no show would have been covered accept he cancelled venmo payment saying it was fraud.

All this type of stuff is why I require deposits. I just can't take venmo from unknown gents due to their refund policy. This is the 2nd type of transaction in the recent years.

This is a fun filled occupation,but it is a job and pays my bills. If I take too many losses I have to raise my rates.

I did try to still stay in average escorts vs. my fellow porn stars. I am 1/3 lower rates then my fellow porn stars.

I ask that you guys respect the fact . I treat each fan with respect and discreet in my communication. I ask for the same.

My physical safety and financial well being is still a priority.

I look forward to meeting you before I call it a career.

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