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Deposits There Is A Reason!

Deposits are required because hotels are not free.

After 20 years I have been more then kind to tour to many cities .I have been stood up more times then most gents say they have been ripped off by providers.

I understand this and although it is absolute fun and fantasy. It is still a business. The deposit pays for hotel and hotel deposit.

I am still trying to be fair to the fans in regards to my rates. My fellow stars charge double if not triple my rates. I hope you understand that there are still risks on my part legal ,physical and that is factored into my rate as well.

My emails are filled daily with when are you coming to my city.

In 2023 tours are not profitable. If you book me I will come. Fly me or I drive!!Any drive over 4 hours I ask for 2 hour min. Deposits bring me anywhere.

My home base is Virginia Beach and Alexandria VA. I love to drive and travel so it is NOT any trouble to come to you.

Be sure to check out my blog for current locations as I do book Nationwide. I do not travel without a deposit. My 20 year porn career is not worth ruining my solid rep over $200.

I must remind many gents. I need 24 to 48 hours notice to be prepared,travel to you and secure travel arrangements. As many emails over 20 years. I need to clarify that ads run in large areas and I can't be everywhere at 1 time.

This is my last year of providing confidential rendezvous to discreet gents.

I am also asked about reviews. I had always hated them as it put me at legal risk. I had TER remove me from their data base a decade ago. I like many chose not to engage with those who seek discretion but do not allow me the same respect.

I promise you. I keep all your secrets and will never indulge in gossip or any other childish behavior by telling any man's business. Please do the same for me.

Please be advised my safety is your safety. I can not discuss a date or what we do or will do in any phone or written conversation . There are multiple reasons but my legal team should not need to come into play because you want to know what we can or can't do on a date.

I am a porn star and have been in adult entertainment since 2003. If you should need to figure out who or what type of personality I am easily found in any search engine or my own websites.

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