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Post Surgery

I am not sure if many fans knew I went under the knife again.

I am now 3 weeks post surgery. I am back to feeling my wonderful self.

I know many fans do not think of the financial hit I have taken every time I have had medical situations.

Self employment is wonderful but the down side is costly. I don't have holiday pay,vacations time or sick time.

Just since March of 2022 I had a surgery to repair damage from a on set incident from 2017.

I had eye surgery this summer. And now I had a gastric sleeve surgery.

Many people will ask why if I am a personal trainer did I have that done.

I went through many changes with my hip replacement in 2019 but at the same time. I also began menopause.

The diet never changed but my weight gain did.

Every cutting diet I have ever done for bodybuilding did not work.

It took me one full year to prepare for this surgery between my travel schedule,my seminars and the 6 months of nutrition classes insurance requires.

I am still available to meet fans since I had a few medical time off .

I receive emails and private messages asking.

I am trying my best to meet as many fans before my full retirement.

I am also available for internet dates for those who can;t meet face to face for whatever reason. Personal limitations ect...

I will travel anywhere with notice and deposit is a requirement.

I am currently in Southern Virginia. I have a minimum date for anything over 150 miles from the Hampton Roads Virginia area.

I am reasonable. I will work with reasonable requests.

I do not barter dates. This is still how my bills get paid.

I respect the fans please keep it respectful and there is a discreet manner in which booking must be done for mine and your legal purposes.

I am regretful I even need to say that . lol true fact !!

I do have some meetings I am trying to arrange in DC,Baltimore,New York and Connecticut. If you are in these cities . I still require a deposit. It doesn't mean since somebody else booked you won't need to send a deposit.

The deposit covers my schedule as well.

I can not tell you the amount of flakes in 21 years. I still am baffled at the losers who get a kick out of wasting time.

Time is one thing you can never get back.

But in my business. I book without deposit and they don't show. Not only could I have booked somebody else. I could also possible be in a whole other city making money.

Or quality time with something in my private life.

I appreciate the enthusiasm to have contact with the porn star you have watched.

With all that aside I just ask for the same respect I will pay you.

I am also allowing a 6 month membership to my 2 websites for all bookings in the time span before my complete retirement.

Luv n Lust

Stunning Summer

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