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I am often asked if I tour or when I will come to a particular city.

I would love 2023 to be like 2005 when I went on my first tour.

Many people do not know this so I will take the time in this post to explain.

I like everyone else in the adult industry has taken a huge hit in regards to making a profit off tours. I started in 2003 with just 1 simple LA Exotics ad . I made in 1 year over a 6 figure income. By 2004 I added Cityvibe and Erosguide. I was 41 and making more then girls half my age.

I will say that having to deal with the likes of TER reviews was a necessary evil. I took my reviews down in 2012 when I encountered multiple stalkers. Some of which contacted family and friends as well as call my gym.

I decided I would do business on my terms while still providing confidential companionship. I don't care if your a baller or a CEO or a truck driver. I will pay you the upmost respect unless you decide not to do me the honor in return.

Let;s fast forward to FOSTA/SESTA bill passed by congress in April 2018. On that day Cityvibe went down and with that women who paid ads never got their money back. Erosguide had their call center in North Carolina busted by the F** in 2017. I used to book with over 100 plus ads to advertise. 2023 although eros is still here the rates are triple . Most ads bring in so few prospects.

I get asked often why I don't advertise on OF!! Well gee ,I never thought of that... LOL sarcasm. They removed over 100 plus posts that remotely seems like advertising including private messages. I see my internet stats and I myself bring the most views to my site then any ad out there. That is crazy as hell to me.

I try very hard to be able to see most fans which is why my rates are still unchanged in over 5 years.I know my counterparts are triple my rate or already retired.

I am doing my best to make it reasonable by offering more time vs raising rates.

I shall see how this goes on the back stretch of my public personna.

I just ask you to be fair in understanding . The influx of only ***s has not helped the industry . I am like most porns stars. We hustle everyday to keep the doors open for you the fans. I hope to meet many more before I ride off into the sunset.

luv n lust


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